Lease Assurance Program

Take Away Their Concerns and Make the Sale

One of the biggest threats to dealers and lenders during an economic recovery isn't necessarily the customer's inability to take on payments here and now — it's the uncertainty of whether today's income will be there tomorrow. People are saving their money, delaying major purchases, and avoiding taking on new debt. But with the Select Guard Lease Assurance vehicle return program, dealerships and lenders can offer customers vehicle financing protection - a proven safety net that gives them the confidence to lease a new or used vehicle.

The Program Details

Our industry-leading Select Guard Lease Assurance vehicle return program relieves customers of their lease obligations when unforeseen life events such as these occur:

  • Involuntary Unemployment
  • Temporary Interruption of Employment
  • Physical Disability, Mental Disability
  • Critical Illness
  • Loss of Driver's License Due to Medical Impairment
  • International Employment Transfer
  • Self-Employed Personal Bankruptcy
  • Accidental Death

Select Guard Lease Assurance program safeguards your customers regardless of age, health, employment record, or vehicle type by giving them the freedom to walk away from negative equity without impacting their credit rating. Only Select Guard can provide this valuable product to set you apart from your competition.

Overcoming Buyers’ Financial Fears

When the economy seems uncertain, one thing is painfully certain for motorcycle dealers — customers are more likely to put the brakes on their plans to purchase or lease a bike. According to J.D. Power & Associates, their reasons for hesitation are clear: Customers are afraid of losing their jobs. They’re concerned about taking on new debt. They have a general lack of confidence in the economy. So how do you give prospective buyers the confidence to drive away on a new or used motorcycle? Give them the option to walk away from negative equity under certain financial circumstances.

The Best Vehicle Return Protection on Two Wheels

As an Authorized Select Guard Retailer, you’ll distinguish your dealership by offering a complimentary 12-month waiver with all leases. Select Guard Lease Assurance is available to everyone, regardless of age, health employment record, amount financed, or vehicle type — and there’s no negative credit impact for customers who return their vehicles under the conditions of the program.

No Worries Means More Sales

With the enhanced customer confidence that Lease Assurance delivers, MotoLease can help your dealership:

  • Sell more motorcycles
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Save deals that might have been lost due to economic uncertainty
  • Increase income via finance control and upgrades
  • Increase customer satisfaction and drive repeat business