Terms and Conditions of Lease Application

By clicking “I Agree” and submitting my application, I certify and agree as follows:

Certification of Information

I certify that the information provided in this Application is complete, correct and true to the best of my knowledge.

Consent to Credit Report and Other Inquiries

I authorize MotoLease, LLC, and its affiliates, agents, successors and assigns and their third party contractors/agents (“you”) to pull my credit report from the credit reporting agencies and to investigate my credit, employment, and income records. I agree that you may obtain credit and employment information about me by any means, including obtaining information from check or credit-­‐reporting agencies and from other sources. I also authorize you to obtain my consumer report (credit report) for any reason and from time to time in the future when updating, renewing or extending my lease contract. I agree that you may do so at the time I obtain my lease or any time after my lease is terminated if I owe you any money relating to the lease. If I request, I will be informed of whether credit reports were obtained, and, if so, I will also be informed of the associated names and addresses of the credit bureau(s) that provided those reports. I hereby give you consent to contact my current motorcycle lessor, its agents or affiliates, to obtain information about my payment history and current status of my existing motorcycle lease for purposes of considering me for a new lease with you or any other purpose as allowed by applicable law. I authorize you and (to the extent provided in your privacy policy available at http://motolease.net/privacy) your affiliates to offer me other vehicle leasing related products and services. I also hereby authorize my wireless operator to use my mobile number, name address, email, network status, customer type, customer role, billing type, mobile device identifiers and other subscriber status details, if available, to allow verification of my identity and to compare information that I have provided to you with my wireless operator account profile information for the duration of the business relationship.

Consent to Calls, Text Messages, Emails and Recordings

By providing telephone numbers for a home phone, or cellular phone, or other phones in this Application, I am expressly consenting to you sending me communications at these numbers, including, but not limited to, you calling me at these numbers with automated dialing systems, prerecorded voice message calls, text messages. I also agree that phone calls to and from such phone numbers may be recorded. By providing my email address, I am expressly consenting to receiving communications at my email address as you, your agents and your affiliates may deem necessary.


Depending on the status of my credit in relation to any co-applicant’s credit, you may treat the co-applicant as the primary applicant to achieve the best possible lease terms.

Application Subject to Approval

I further understand that this Application is not a promise, acceptance, nor a commitment to provide a lease contract to me but solely a request that lease be provided to me under the terms and conditions to be disclosed in the Lease Contract which will be provided to me upon approval of my Application.

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